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In Ari Normans own words...

"Duchess of Windsor (1869 - 1986)

The Duchess of Windsor was an American divorcee, who became a part of the British establishment and took society by storm, rising straight to the top by marrying the King of England. This caused a constitutional crisis ultimately resulting in the abdication of King Edward VIII. To me this was no ordinary woman! I recognized her strong will and ability to say the right thing at the right time to the right people. She was indeed a kindred independent spirit bucking trends and making waves; and then there was her exquisite and fashionable taste in jewellery!

Upon her death in 1986, there were various articles written celebrating both her life and her collection of fine jewellery. Since the Duchess was a leading socialite, the major jewellery design houses such as Cartier strived to create outstanding original pieces for her. So in truth, my interest in her collection became more focused as I saw a commercial opportunity and ultimately decided to emulate her style.

Instead of diamonds, gold and platinum I wanted to design a collection using silver and semi-precious stones so it was not limited to only the most affluent. I embarked on my research and I discovered just how incredible her collection truly was! One such piece is the 1940 Cartier Flamingo brooch, which is one of the most celebrated bird ornaments in the history of jewellery design. Another piece which has gained great fame is a brooch with a panther perched on a cabochon sapphire ball also made by Cartier, which was the first cat made for the Duchess in 1949 (designed by Jeanne Toussaint).

My admiration for this woman and her jewellery collection inspired the creation of the Silver With Emotion Duchess of Windsor Collection, which reflects the original elegance and richness but at more affordable prices.

I now invite you to view some of my creations!" 

The Windsor Collection

The Windsor Collection

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